Praise for Netflix Original The Ripper

Released to critical acclaim on the 16th of December, Netflix Original The Ripper, which follows the half a decade manhunt for the infamous Yorkshire Ripper, exploring the misogyny of the press and police, and the breakdown of police procedure and pile-up of misinformation surrounding the deaths of 13 women.

With great reviews in IndieWire, Business Insider, and Forbes along with an impressive 78% on RottenTomates, its no wonder that The Ripper spent 3 weeks at number one on Netflix UK, as the most streamed docuseries over the 2020 festive period.

Connie Farr was the music supervisor on this production, and set the tone of the 70s with a great soundtrack that includes tracks by Suzi Quatro, The Maisonettes and Curtis Maldoon.

The Ripper is available to stream on Netflix now!