Music placement

We represent a hand-picked catalogue of songs from labels and artists whose music we feel has the potential for placement in sync and which fits the demands and needs of our clients in film, TV, advertising, games and fashion.

We work with independent record labels including Champion Records, The Playbook (DOT, Malan)  and Local Action (DAWN, DJ Q) as well as independent artists like Hattie Briggs, Hunger, Liquid and Ray Keith.

The majority of our catalogue is curated by our team of specialists, however, we accept submissions from labels and artists.


We only represent commercially released artists.  If you are a record label or artist releasing music and looking for representation we would love to hear from you.  Please see our submissions page for how to send us music.

We do not represent composers or producers writing bespoke music specifically for sync. There are many composer agents who will be able to help you.