With looming deadlines and the current issues involved in coordinating working from home, we have set up “hotlines” to our main departments so you can get answers or help straight away.

Please check our website to see the wide range of productions we work with on a daily basis. Our broad reach plus extensive knowledge and experience means we can resolve licensing problems or pinpoint the ideal track quickly.

Licensing hotline


The LICENSING Hotline can help deal with hiccups in the licensing process such as tracing rightsholders, negotiating fees and ensuring that the correct paperwork is in place as soon as possible. We are in regular contact with most rightsholders. If the current epidemic prevents the exchange of fully executed licences, we can ensure you have written approval(s) in form and extent that will cover your immediate needs to broadcast or release.

We can also warn you if current disputes, untraceable rightsholders or other obstacles would be likely to prevent successful and timely assignment of the necessary rights.

Search hotline


The SEARCH Hotline provides fast searches to brief. We work with every main music creator and hundreds of independents worldwide, so you have access to every kind of music to suit every budget level. If you call us in the morning, we will have a first round to you within hours. Respond quickly and we can usually have a second round before end of play the same day.

Searches can be for anything from worldwide hits to production music. We can advise on the best route according to your budget. We will discuss the likely amount of work required and be flexible with our rates depending on your exact needs.

If you hit a budget or legal obstacle with a current cue, we are positioned to find a realistic alternative within 24 hours.

Help or Advice

If you need FREE preliminary Help or Advice calling either the SEARCH or LICENSING Hotlines will get you through to an expert in the field.