Music submission instructions


We are testing a new music delivery system. Well over 80% of the music we are sent is not reviewed because it isn’t in a configuration that is quick and easy for us to access.


Albums or Themed Compilations 
(You can still send individual tracks – please see below)

Please submit music in folders:

Top Level FolderRightsHolder
Second Level Folder Artist Name (or Various Artists if a compilation)
Third Level Folder Album Title (or Theme if it’s a compilation of tracks by different Artists)

The third level folder will contain the Tracks

Please use conventional track title formats such as “The Way of the World (Nuclear Option Remix)” (without inverted commas). We use key word searches and ‘thewayoftheworld(nuclearoptionremix)’, ‘the_way_of_the_world_(nuclear_option_remix)’ etc. will not be found.

Please do not include track numbers as it messes with our keyword searches. 

AlI Tracks (whether submitted individually or collectively on an album)


Tracks should be tagged using the ID3 system. 

Please tag in the appropriate field all music sent to us as follows;

Title: Track Title
Artist:Artist Name
Year:Year track released (optional but helpful)
Comment:Rightsholder Contact Details; Rightsholder, contact name, email and/or phone.
Copyright:The name of the Rights Holder as registered with PPL (record company) or PRS (publisher). It can also be the Artist or Manager providing contact details are included in the Comment tag.

Tagging software can tag multiple files at once so it shouldn’t take much time if it’s your copyright.

Acceptable file formats

Ideally please make initial submissions as 192 kpbs MP3’s. Please do not send wav’s or aac’s

If you want a more detailed description, let us know and we will send one over.