What we do

ThinkSync Music provides a broad range of music related services to all areas of the multimedia industry ranging from film and TV to commercials and games, virals and tailored instore playlists.

We represent an extremely diverse catalogue which, in most cases can be cleared one-stop as we control all the rights worldwide. In addition to our own catalogue we represent many record companies, individual artists and songwriters covering all genres but with an emphasis on exciting, up and coming independent acts.

Music placement

ThinkSync Music has a dedicated synchronisation licensing department.
We liaise closely with film, TV, advertising and game companies and pitch music for a wide variety of briefs.

In addition to our own extensive catalogue of master and publishing rights we partner with a number of other like minded artists, independent publishers and record labels which provides us with a resource of over 10,000 copyrights. Our repertoire is extremely diverse, covers all genres and focuses mainly on interesting, up and coming independent acts. more

Music supervision

ThinkSync Music provides a complete music supervision service for all types of production. We specialise in films and TV shows looking for music with character and individuality. On the creative side we compile suggestions for the most appropriate and interesting music while our business affairs department takes care of the legalities. more


We compile tailored playlists for instore radio.

We source music from record and publishing companies, both majors and independents, and additionally maintain contact with management, promotion and PR companies to ensure we have the most recent releases covering the broadest range of genres and styles from around the world. more


The core of ThinkSync is our music publishing operation. We have our own companies in the US and UK and an extensive network of sub-publishers throughout the rest of the world. more